Making Tea

Finding the perfect taste experience is part of the craft. Follow these general guidelines for a perfectly balanced flavor.

  • Always start with the purest possible ph balanced water heated to the appropriate temperature for the type of leaf you are using.
  • For an 8oz cup of tea, use one level teaspoon for fine teas.
  • For fuller, less compact tea leaves, use one rounded, heaping tablespoon.
  • For a stronger cup of tea, you may use more tea leaves, but it is advised that you stick within the recommended steeping times to avoid bitterness from over-steeping.

Did you know that most teas can be re-steeped multiple times within a few hours of the initial infusion? The science of tea tasting is to follow your personal preferences. Learn and gauge according to your taste buds.

Keep loose leaf tea at it’s freshest by storing in an airtight container away from heat and sunlight and enjoy within 3 months. Below is a guideline to get you on the right track. Investing in a level hot water dispenser would be a great tool for your journey into tea.

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Tea Steeping Chart

Tea Type Water 6-8 Oz. Time
Green 180°-185° 1 tbsp 3 min
Black 206° 1 tbsp 3-5 min
Darjeeling 185° 1 tbsp 3 min
Oolong Rolled 185°-206° 1 tbsp 3-5 min
Oolong Long Leaf 185°-206° 1 tbsp 3-5 min
Tisane 206° 1 tbsp 5-7 min
Raw Puh-erh 195° 1 tbsp 3-5 min
*Half & Full Baked Pu-erh 206° 1 tbsp 3-5 min

* First soak for 30 seconds, flush, then re-steep. Most teas may be steeped multiple times.


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